7 Things You Must Never Do Before and After Intercourse

7 Things You Must Never Do Before and After Intercourse

Intercourse is enjoyable, feels great and brings you nearer to your partner—and regular closeness can be great for your psychological and real wellness. Having intercourse can enhance your heart function, reduce your anxiety and stress levels, reduce aches and a whole lot.

Regrettably, some habits that are seemingly innocent and after intercourse might lead to dilemmas between the sheets, destroying your healthier enjoyable. Listed here are seven items to avoid if you’re going to obtain intimate.

2 / 8 Don’t consume super spicy meals or a meal high in fat

If you’re likely to have intercourse, tone it straight down regarding the sauce that is hot. Spicy foods like curry and peppers can trigger outward indications of acid reflux disease, including heartburn, a burning feeling when you look at the neck; this could ensure it is hard to enter the feeling. And when your system is sensitive to foods that are fiery you might not manage to hold in farts or burps.

That’s not all—rich, hefty meals which can be saturated in fat (think fried chicken), citric acid fruits, carbonated products and caffeinated beverages also can give you heartburn, since they’re harder for the human body to eat up.

Therefore, get easy in your tummy. Meals like bananas, oatmeal, oranges and graham crackers are less inclined to give you heartburn.

3 / 8 Don’t simply simply take an antihistamine

Feeling stuffy? You might postpone on using coughing and cool meds if you’re about to get busy later on. While antihistamines help dry out runny noses, that’s perhaps maybe maybe not the only thing that’s planning to dry out. Females may realize that their vaginas are less lubricated, too, as these medications cause mucous membranes to dry out throughout the human anatomy.

Sandpaper sex is not very pleasant—in fact, it might cause burning, itching or discomfort. You have a water-based lubricant handy for sex when you have to take allergy meds, be sure. More